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Welcome to Days of Yore – 2017

The shop opens the first week of April.
You will find many new products.

Plants arrive May 4th.
Unique Herbs -- Both ornamental and culinary.
Minature Plants -- For container and fairy gardens.


Herb of 2017 – Cilantro and Coriender 

Cilantro is the plant and coriander is the seed.

Cilantro leaves are a major ingredient in salsa and guacamole.

Cilantro is tastier fresh than dried. Freeze it or make flavored oil. Cilantro grows well in average well-drained soils in full sun or light shade. Sow seeds directly in garden soil after the last spring frost. Butterflies love cilantro.
To harvest the leaves, cut stems near the ground level, 1/3 plant. To harvest the seeds, let them ripen on the plants. Clip the brown, round seed heads and place in a paper bag. The seeds heads will dry and open, allowing the edible seed to fall out.
Cilantro leaves and coriander seeds flavor Asian, Indian, Mexical, Spanish, Tex-Mex and Thai dishes. Cilantro enhances the flavors of peppers, onions, tomatoes, beans, chicken and yogurt. Both the seeds and leaves have culinary uses. All parts of the plant are edible. The seeds may be used whole, crushed or ground in cooking. Coriander seed is used in the making of gin as well as many other distilled spirits and herbal liqueurs.


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Upcoming Events


The 22nd Annual Fairy Celebration

Saturday June 17th 11am – 5pm.

Join the Fairies for a great day in the country.
This is the time of year the fairies are most likely to be seen.

A Fairy container workshop will begin at noon. It includes a 12" terra cotta pot, soil, fairy and miniature plants, and a fairy sitting on a pot.

Reservatons are required to guarantee you a place. Cost will be $38.50 (tax is included).

(Yes, call the day of the event, there may be an opening.)

If you neeed to replace your plants, just bring your container, fairy garden items and I will supply you with fresh soil. The only charge will be for the plants. Make sure you call to reserve a spot.

All children will recieve a gift. There will be fairy refreshments.

Don't worry about the weather. The Fairies love Sunny days to celebrate Spring and the FESTIVAL.

“Country Christmas Open House”
Friday November 17th   11am – 5pm
Saturday November 18th 11am – 5pm
Sunday November 19th  1pm – 5pm

We will have the perfect gift for that special person.

There will be delicious refreshments along with Seasonal tea and coffee.

Signup for a gift basket.


“To succeed in life you need 3 things…
A wish bone…
A back bone…
And a funny bone…”
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Enjoy the season,
Donna, Christa